Cultivating Naturalistic Lifestyle from Childhood: a Miscato x HKFYG Workshop

This Sunday morning the Atrium of 2F Cityplaza, Tai Koo Shing, is lively with the hustle bustle of organizers, participants and volunteers of the HKFYG (Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group http://www.hkfyg.org.hk/) Innotech Month 2015. Miscato is pleasured to be invited as a guest workshop host for HKFYG's Science workshop for children  9-12 years old. 

Miscato delivered the workshop to teach about scents, how they affect the brain, and the different properties that different essential oils (that is, plant essence) have in relation to the effects to human body. The children learnt about how to make a Relaxing and Happy Room Spray (recipe included!) for their home. 

Relaxing and Happy Room Spray


Vodka 25ml

Distilled water 5ml

Essential oil 12 drops, containing:

- 3 drops of Geranium 

- 6 drops of Sweet Orange or Tangerine

- 3 drops of Lavender or Jasmine

Sprayer 30ml 

Beakers 500 ml 

Measuring cylinder 25ml 


How to make:

Simply mix everything together in the sprayer, and shake before use! 

Workshop Equipment

Apart from learning the science behind the Room Spray and how to make one, the children also learnt how to use some laboratory equipment and how to measure liquids accurately. Not to forget that we also follow strict safety guidelines (we'll post some safety guidelines in using aromatherapy in future posts!)

Children using laboratory apparatus
It's great that not only girls are interested in a naturalistic lifestyle. Note: he ended up decorating his bottle to look like a samurai ;) 
Children making roomspray, accompanied by a helper (left) 

A huge thanks to HKFYG for inviting us, and also to other co-organizers and helpers that came and made the workshop a success! 

Innotech Month Workshop Area