Miscato Photoshoot Behind The Scene

Miscato is developing a new website!

To stud our new website with gorgeous pictures of our handmade gifts and craft workshops, we gathered resources to make a photoshoot happen. 

Take a look at the sneak peek photos below, and stay tuned to our new website launch!

Morning Setting
Miscato Model Gena is doing pre-shoot preparation
Miscato Model Ellen with Photographer Juno and Designer Gaga
Miscato Model Ananjan and Photographer Juno interacting with Miscato Body Butter
Sneak Peek into Miscato's Latest Photoshoot

Special Thanks to:

HKUST for venue

Juno from Light Shadow Production 

Miscato Models (Ananjan, Gena, Sally, Ellen and Nina...you are the sweetest!) 

MIscato Team for setting up, organizing and also cleaning :D 

Pizza delivery guy who delivered our lunch

See you next time!