Rosewater Toner

Last Friday, one Miscato client enquired about what he could do to help shrink his facial pores. Despite the fact that pore size is genetic, we can do some skincare routines that help the pores to appear smaller and keep our skin moisturized. One great way to do facial pore care is to use toner daily. A toner typically contains water, humectant (to keep moisture in skin) and little alcohol.

In this post, Miscato is going to teach you how to make Rosewater Toner 

Made from 3 ingredients that you could find in any wet market:
- Distilled water 4 cups
- Rose petals 2 cups (from 2 roses, choose the variety that smells the best according to you) 
- Vodka (the one without additional flavoring) 10 ml


- Mixing bowl 
- Knife
- Stove
- Spray container


Let's start making!

1. First, prepare 2 fresh roses and cut the stalk to get only the petals. Be careful not to be hurt by the rose thorns!

cut the stalk of the roses

2. Then, separate the petals from each other and rinse with water to make sure we make a clean product. 

bowl of rose petals

3. After that, put the petals, distilled water and vodka into a pan. Mix them and boil in low heat until it starts bubbling from boiling. It is important to cover the pan so that no steam, which contains the rose essence, could escape. 

boil the rose mix

4. After it boiled, you should see that the rose petals have discolored and the rosewater toner that we produced has brown color from the roses instead. You can either bottle the rosewater into your sprayer now, or you can also boil it further to reduce the water content to yield a more concentrated rosewater toner. 

5. Bottle the reduced rosewater toner, and store in fridge to help it last longer.