Skincare 101 for Every Skin Type

You may have found out which skin type you have from First Step to Skin Care: Find Your Skin Type Avatar. 

No matter what your skin type is, there are big 5 things you can take care of to have a great skin. 


Avoid direct sunglight by wearing hat or sunglasses, or stay in the shade. Sunscreen can protect your skin too, but it is important to know that your body absorbs and accumulates sunscreen over time. 


Smoking creates premature aging (read: wrinkle), it makes skin yellow and dull. It also makes it harder for wounds to heal. 


Drink 2L of water per day, that is equivalent to 8 ounce glasses. Hydration keeps your skin cells elastic and smooth.

Wash before Sleep

Use makeup remover (we'll give you the recipe next time!) if you applied makeup, then wash your face with mild soap. DO NOT use body soap as body soap is harsher. Especially in cold temperature, avoid using products that contain alcohol (e.g. alcohol-based toner).

Moisturize after Wash

After you wash your face, moisturize with your favorite moisturizer. For warmer temperature, use light-weight moisturizer that is based on aloe vera or vegetable oil (e.g. jojoba oil or sweet almond oil). For colder temperature, use heavier moisturized that is made from beeswax, vegetable butter (e.g. shea butter, mango butter) and vegetable oil.