Supermarket Beauty: Healthy and Affordable DIY Body Wash Recipe

Supermarket Beauty Project, 

a project by Miscato to design healthy and affordable wellness products solely from ingredients found in supermarket.

DIY Body Wash Recipe


1 Dove beauty bar

2 cups of distilled water

1 tbsp of sunflower oil or olive oil (the cooking types are OK!)

mint leaves (optional)


1 knife

1 stove

1 pot

1 ladle

1 beaker

bottles foc containers

  1. Prepare hot water from the distilled water
  2. Cut mint leaves and make tea out of it by pouring hot water on to the cut leaves. 
  3. While waiting for the mint leaves to steep in water, chop the Dove beauty bar into small pieces
  4. Put the Dove bar pieces and mint tea into one pot, and heat up until rolling boil 
  5. Turn off heat, and pour the oil into the pot
  6. Stir until the liquid mixes
  7. Wait until cool enough (around room temperature), and pour into containers
  8. Leave overnight to thicken, use the day after!

Here are some pictures to help you with your body wash adventure:

Chop the beauty bar into small pieces as shown in the picture
This is how the pot would look like during rolling boil (a lot of bubbles) 
The beaker to pour body wash into container
The finished Body Wash would look like the item on the right

Miscato Workshop

Miscato had the honor to teach a personal care workshop last Thursday! One of the items that we made was Body Wash. Take a look at some our pictures:

Miscato Workshop in action
Snacks and drinks after workshop