The most precious Christmas gift

The most precious Christmas gift

Watching the seaview and enjoying cool weather, Hong Kong now is really ready for Christmas. Wind blows on faces, freezing ears and noses. Sitting on a bench in a park, it is easy to think back the past. When I was younger, I heard this story onceā€¦

Once upon a time, there was a couple, named Jim and Mary, living in the town. Christmas was coming and everyone was busy preparing for it, but not for this couple. Jim had a precious gold watch but he did not have enough money to buy a watch chain for it. Mary had beautiful long hair but could not afford to buy a hairpin.

The next day was Christmas but both of them did not have enough money to buy present for each other. Jim went to sell his watch and bought a beautiful hairpin for Mary. Mary saw her hair reflection on the mirror, and decided to cut her long hair and sell it. Then, she bought a watch chain for Jim. 

On Christmas day, they dated and met each other. Jim gave the hairpin to Mary who noticed that his watch was missing. Mary removed her hat and saying she had cut her hair . Giving the watch chain to Jim, they both knew they had sacrificed their most treasurable posessions. However actually, they have gained the most precious thing in the world, which is love.

This Christmas, maybe the weather is not comfortable enough and the decoration is not pretty enough. We may use much effort in planning where to go or what to play. However the most important thing is showing love to the one you treasure most. What are you giving your loved ones this Christmas?

(written by Marcus Cheung)