Why Miscato Exists

Everyone has experienced feelings of frustration, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, and for some even feelings of depression and helplessness. Unhappiness is a global grand challenge that spans across countries and cultures. 

Most people do not know how to deal with unhappiness, but thankfully the ancient wisdom of Aromatherapy is able to relieve mental health burdens by improving the mood. Aromatherapy utilizes the divine plant force from essential oils, that affect the emotional center of our brains directly after inhalation. Aromatherapy is a key to wellness in everyday life, and aromatherapy is what Miscato is based on. 

Miscato exists to share peace with people. We want to comfort people both physically and psychologically.

The first step that we take to achieve this is by offering aromatic handmade gifts and craft workshops. Our products and services are special because we offer unparalleled customer intimacy and quality integrity. We are socially and environmentally friendly, and we continue to work on solving global problems that revolve around human unhappiness.